Home Home Management SolutionSmart Home Solution
Each Household

Provides secure and convenient living
whenever and whereever
with state-of-the-art ubiquitous technologies
for smart homes.

Healthy living that further protects your health year round
Convenient living allowing for greater control anytime anywhere
Secure living that guarantees security and happiness
Economic living allowing you to save money and energy
Smart living by connecting your home to your mobile devices

Image of illustrating five main functions of the smart home solution: Home Control, Home Security, Entertainment, Energy Management and Remote Service.

Smart Home Solutions for Each Household

Utilizing the smart home solution for each household, it provides various functions at the home control functioning level through the mounted wall pad, such as, smart home system, light control, gas valve, heating control and check energy consumption query. In addition, other various functions in conjunction with smart phones , such as, the anti-burglary setup, visitor check and conversation, door opening mechanism, access control and event notification can be provided as well.


This is Samsung Smart Home Solution's plan for controlling an individual household. Shown is an image of a network system that provides various home controls for heating and air-conditioning, lighting and gas valves, and checking of energy consumption through Samsung's wall-pad. In conjunction with asmartphone, this system also provides other convenientremote control functions such asremote visitor check and call, remote door opening and/or access control, burglary alarm and building community notifications.

Visitor Identification

  • Image of visitor identification. Hello~
  • Who is it
  • Oh~ my sweetie!
  • Welcome in

Monitoring and control

  • Image of checking out his children. 'Are the children alright?'
  • Image of monitoring and controlling lighting of a utility room through a mobile application. 'I think I left the Veranda light on.'
  • Image of monitoring and controlling heating of a boiler room through a mobile application. 'The boiler temperature is too high~'
  • Image of monitoring and controlling of air conditioner through a mobile application. 'I will turn the air conditioner on for a while.'

Intrusion Detection

  • Image of burglar intrusion detection.
  • Image of an emergency alarm and an IP camera getting activated.
  • Image of a video notification being sent to residents upon a burglar intrusion.

Away mode set up

  • Image of going out after thinking of 'Why don't we go shopping?'
  • Image of the away modes being set up before going out
  • Image of appliance modes being set up before going out
  • Image of turning off of the lights and gas valve before going out.

Going to work

  • Image of going to work while thinking of 'I'm going to be late.'
  • Image of thinking of 'Oh no, did I close the door?' when go to work
  • Image of checking one’s front door using the Smart Door Lock