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Core Competence

Core Competence

It's home network business applied our advanced network implementation technologies and know-hows to the domestic household level where it was the world's first commercialized home network system, acquiring the status as the world's best network technologies and ranking number one in Korea's domestic market.

Image of Samsung Smart Home Network products being operated.
Number 1 in Market Shares

It has implemented new apartment home networks for more than 40 percent of the domestic market, thereby maintaining number 1 status since 1987.
By applying advanced network implementation technologies and know-hows to the domestic household level, It introduced the first commercialized home network system in the world in 2002, and has been leading the market ever since.

No.1 market share in Korea

  • It has advanced to export the home networking products overseas to places such as Greater China, expanding sales to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Middle East, and Singapore.

    It changes the ways of residential life, focusing on further technological development to realize a safer, more convenient

    It has also developed a system that can be applied to existing homes with the technologies developed for new apartments, shortening the time gap for existing home owners to enjoy reliable and convenient home network systems.

  • Image of Samsung's booth at an industry convention.

By developing various products and supplying home network system that respond quickly to market demands in a timely manner, It meets customers' needs for home network functions.

  • Image of Samsung wall pad being demonstrated.
  • Image of a Samsung wall pad product.
  • Image of a Samsung Smart Door Lock product.
Developing World-Class Home Network Technologies and Solutions

It has a full line-up of home network-related products in addition to devoting time to develop the world's highest level of network technologies and solutions. It provides smart home solutions with themes for a healthier world, a more convenient world, a safer world, and all for the betterment of our coexistence.

It provides personal health history service with integrated urine analyzer for checking specific health issues, making it easy to offer personalized health information and hospital reservation service.

World best home network technologies & solutions

  • Image of checking one's health with an integrated urine analyzer.
  • Image of a smartphone used as a remote control.
  • Image of a Samsung Smart Door Lock product.

Also for the theme of safety, the public sector anti-burglary interlocking facilities, joint entrance access control and anti-burglary/pest control system for each household are provided. Based on these, security service offers several methods of crime prevention measures to take place.

Basic convenient lifestyle solutions are provided by default, such as lighting, gas, heating, curtain, and air conditioning control. Also provided is a customized information system such as remote meter reading and traffic information system. Using complex server solutions, residents can make communities via bulletin boards or notices, therefore making interactive home networking possible.

Number 1 in Product and System Competence
  • It home network products have global competitiveness.


    According to Korean Standards Association's User Quality Index (KS-QEI), Samsung Home Network Products were # 1 for two consecutive years, maintaining the status of the best in reliability and service.

  •  This is the logo of the Korea Standard-Quality Excellence Index(KS-QEI).

The Samsung Home Network Products is the first and only Korean brand that achieved, so called, grand slams in design awards by winning all three of world renowned design awards, iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, and IDEA Award in the United States as well as dominating the domestic design award (GD) by strengthening product competitiveness with differentiated design.

  • This is the logo of the iF Design Award.
  • This is the logo of the Reddot Design Award.
  • This is the logo of IDEA of the US.

Based on characteristics of the customer's environment, by linking various additional or miscellaneous equipment, It provides the customers with convenient and intelligent security control and monitoring.

  • With a smart phone, from a little thing like remote gas valve control to complex tasks of remote controlling your home's heating and cooling systems and lighting, video recording and playback can be accomplished as well.

    Also, security and safety aspects are considered for anti-burglary system and safety features against fire.

    All of the above can be done with a mounted wall pad and with a consolidated system that makes your home more comfortable and convenient.

  • Image of a smartphone used as a remote control for gas valves and indoor lighting.

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