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Why Samsung Smart Home?
No.1 In Home Network Market Share. Since 1987 No.1 In home network system Implementation for newly built apartment complexes.
World best home network technologies & solutions. EMS(Energy Management System). Information Control System.
No.1 In products and system competence. Selected as a world class product by Korean government.

It's home network business, originating from our advanced network implementation technologies and know-hows, is applied to the domestic household level where it was the world's first commercialized home network system. Acquiring the status as the world's best network technologies and ranking number one in Korea's domestic market, It has advanced to export their home networking products overseas to places such as Greater China, the Americas, Brazil, India and others focusing on changing the ways of living for people all over the world.

Particularly the home network product the digital door lock, It introduced the world's first push and pull smart door lock. This product is leading the domestic market trend where it was selected by the Korean government as a world class product, in addition to winning all three world renowned design awards. It's product value is recognized around the world.

Image of illustrating five main functions of the smart home solution: Home Control, Home Security, Entertainment, Energy Management and Remote Service.

Main Businesses
  • Developing and manufacturing home network equipment
  • Green Home solutions (Standby power blocking outlet, lighting control switch, etc.)
  • Silver living-care solution (Healthcare, location-recognition, etc.)
  • Manufacturing and selling digital door locks for domestic use (key/spare key, touch-type, transverse-type, etc.)
  • Manufacturing and selling digital door locks for foreign countries (Fixed-handle type, removable handle type)
  • Establishing an integrated system (Access control, parking control, CCTV, and Security Gate
  • Ubiquitous apartment network implementation and system maintenance
  • Providing various contents by networking u-City
Major Accomplishments
  • Keeping the foremost place in domestic market share
    (Taking 40 percent of market share in home network systems for the new apartment since 1987)
  • Taking the first rank in obtaining orders from domestic major construction companies and in establishing home network system
  • Provide smart home services with smart phone applications
  • Having full home network product lines for existing apartments and houses
  • Implementing 100% of home network in HwasungDongtan and ChungbukOchang district
  • Home server selected as the 'World's Best Product' by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Energy
  • Wall Pad Implementation for Hang Zhou Jin Du Chend Shi Xin Yu
  • Wall Pad Implementation for Guang Zhou Van Ke Jin Se Jia Yuan
  • Wall Pad Implementation for Beijing Chai Fu Center
  • Wall Pad Implementation for Shang Hai Zhong Kai Cheng Shi Zhi Guang
  • Digital Door Lock Implementation for Belmont Gardens
  • Digital Door Lock Implementation for One @ Pulasan
  • Digital Door Lock Implementation for Celestia
  • Digital Door Lock Implementation for Nexus and others
  • Home Automation and Door Lock Implementation for the Garden Condominium
  • Home Automation implementation for Phu My Apartment
  • Home Automation and Door Lock Implementation for the Marnor II tower
  • Home Automation and Door Lock Implementation for Landmark Tower
  • Digital Door Lock Implementation for Hong Kong MTR
  • Wall Pad Implementation for Handerson Corp.
  • Kitchen / Bathroom TV Implementation for Macau Nova City
  • Image of Samsung Smart Home's booth at an industry convention.
  • Image of a Samsung Smart Door Lock being operated by its push-button control panel.
  • Image of activating the management function of the Samsung Smart Home mobile application on a smartphone.