• Telecom Network Service. Installation & Commissioning. Best for samsung equipment services. Number one in telecom deployment for 12 years built 55% of the domestic LTE network. Link to Telecom infrastructure installation & Commissioning introduce page.
    Smart Home. Number one market share in Korea. World best home network technologies & solutions. Link to Home network introduce page.
    Enterprise Network Integration. Number one enterprise network service satisfaction. Best integrated design/maintenance services. Link to Enterprise network introduce page.
  • Samsung Smart Door Lock. SHS-3320 and SHS-3321. Received worldwide design awards. Touch pad screen. User-friendly access. Double authentication. Anti-theft mode. random security code. automatic locking. more view.
    Samsung Smart Door Lock. Fingerprint Push Pull 7 Series SHS-P718. more view.
    Best Product is the SHS-P717. more view.
    Samsung Smart home solution product. more view.
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