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Business Scopes

Business Scopes

Telecommunications network implementation is the core business of it. In all phases from network planning to management, It provides the best and most competitive service.

Image of managed service among our business operations.

From the initial network planning phase to the "roll-out" phase which includes installation, integration, testing, and optimization of the equipment, and the managed service phase which includes maintenance, It applies the most advanced technologies and extensive experience.

In addition, It has the best knowledge and technology to solve problems that may occur during the end-to-end roll-out network implementation service.

Business Scopes for Network Implementation
  • Image of engineers planning a telecommunication network.
  • Image of implementation/installation during the roll-out phase of the build out of a telecommunication
  • Image of a system being operated during the managed service phase of the build out of a telecommunication network.
Telecom Infrastructure Installation & Commissioning. Planning 1phase: Network Planning. - Network Planning , Service Request Analysis, Site Survey, Site Drawing, Procure Installation Materials. Roll-out 1phase: SA & Civil Work. - Site Acquisition, Site Civil Work(Power, Tower, Shelter, etc.). Roll-out 2phase: Installation. - Installation Inspection & Management, Functional Verification, Cell Site Installation. Roll-out 3phase: System Integration. And 4phase : Optimization. - System Integration, RF Network Optimization, Drive Testing Services, Measurement Services, Post Processing, Optimization. Roll-out 5phase: final Acceptance & Launch. - Provisional Acceptance, Final Acceptance Test. Maintenance 1phase: Maintenance. - Cutover Support, OEM Technical Support, Emergency Support, Repair Services. Maintenance 2phase: Managed Service. - System Engineering, Managing SLA KPI, Reporting to Customer.