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Why Samsung Telecom Infrastructure Installation & Commissioning?
Expertise: High level of speciallzation and full line-up in network services.
System: Project manaagement system : GPMS(Global Project Management System), SLMS (Smart LTE Management System), QMS (QoE Measurement System), 1Q System, GPPM(Global Policies & Procedure Manual).
Extensive Experience: Rich experiences of Samsung equipment deployment.
Managed Services: Samsung Managed services Center.

It is a company developing, installing, and maintaining telecommunications and network devices for domestic and international businesses and public institutes.

Also, for already installed devices, It provides Engineering service to continuously improve quality of the devices for competition betterment among telecommunication carriers.
It provides the best network service from network planning to managed services using know-hows and the best technologies for establishing networks.

In order to enhance the network implementation business at the systematic and global level, It uses real time management G-PMS, Smart LTE management system, and quality management system QMS to secure competitiveness for increasing the global telecommunications network field.

  • Deployment

  • Maintenance

  • Managed service

Main Businesses
  • Development, installation, optimization, and maintenance of LTE, WiBro/WiMAX, WCDMA, and CDMA systems
  • Development, optimization, and maintenance of switch board equipments for BcN (Soft-switch, IMS, Trunk G/W, SDX, Access G/W, etc.)
  • Establishment and maintenance of fiber optic transmission devices and corresponding cables (FTTx, MSPP, DWDM, FLC, etc.)
  • Establishment and maintenance of specialized networks (U-city, IBS, WirelessLAN , etc.)
  • Optimized design for telecommunications network using 3D animation techniques.
  • Managed services
Major Accomplishments
  • Designing LTE telecommunications networks for KT/SKT/LG U+, and establishing the network nationwide
  • Implementing KT/SKT's WiBro, WCDMA telecommunications networks
  • Implementing 55% of domestic mobile telecommunications networks (Approximately 200,000 base stations for KT/SKT/LG U+ installed and maintained)
  • Implementing 52% of domestic broadband networks
  • Implementing information and telecommunications networks for Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearing Institute and university hospitals
  • Implementing and maintaining information and telecommunications network devices for Seoul City Hall
  • Implementing and maintaining traffic information and network systems for Incheon International Airport and Urban Railway Corporation
  • Installing over 500,000 base stations for approximately 70 telecommunications carriers in 30 countries
  • Saudi Arabian Mobily LTE/M-WiMAX, Malaysian YTL M-WiMAX, etc.
  • Providing consultation and management concerning network implementation for US Sprint
  • Managed Services for: Saudi Arabia, and Iran
  • Installing FTTx and fiber optic transmission devices for: Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Philippine and Ghana