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Connected Doorlock

What is a Connected Doorlock?

Connected Doorlock is a cutting edge IoT device to provide you with Family Arrival Push Notification, In & Out Records and Unlock by Bluetooth via smart phone application

"Son" comes home.

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bullet What is Connected Doorlock Service?
Check the family memeber’s safe return via smartphone Receive push notification which includes registered user’s name,
arrival date and access time in real-time via smart phonne
Check the every family member’s access records via smartphone Useful to search who and when comes home by time
Implementation of Encrypted Data Sealing Technology Enhance the security of your house with Bluetooth
Paring Authentication
No need to bring your keys and worries to lose Unlock the door with your smartphone
bullet Connected Doorlock Service Diagram
Connected Doorlock Service Diagram
bullet How to Install Applications

To utilize the connected doorlock service, it is required to install smartphone application in advance.

Service Available Countries : South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore , Vietnam, Indonesia
bullet How to Register Connected Doorlock
How to Register Connected Doorlock