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It, through the home network maintenance system, are able to sustain the performance of the respective products through regular pre-management checkups. Also, through continuous service it is able to improve the quality of the home network service.

Image of operating maintenance systems.
  • Reduce costs

  • Ensure availability

  • Regular inspections

  • Stable operation

  • Apartment
    value appreciation

Operating the System

  • Home Network

    - Household management for home server lighting,
      anti-burglary, heating and cooling, remote reading,
      information appliance.
    - Public areas, such as unmanned security, parking, etc.)
    - General user photo for complex server management,
      and monitoring application software.
    - DB : User information, Complex information,
      Device information

    Complex Server

    - WEB/WAP Local, SIP, DB Server


    - Backbone, firewall, work group switch, household hub

  • Image of system management using multiple monitors.
Major Accomplishments
  • Implementation at 2,792 households at Complex 1,2 and 3 at Tower Palace
  • Implementation at 566 households at Royal Palace in Bundang
  • Implementation at 805 households at Michelan Cherville in Bundang
  • Implementation at 1,494 households at Doosan We've Genis in Daegu
  • Implementation at 230 households at Daewoo Prugio in Seolbong, Icheon
  • Implementation at 793 households at Daelim e-Pyunghansesang in Okgye, Gumi
  • Implementation at 715 households at Daewoo Prugio in Yongi, Pyungtek
  • Implementation at 610 households at Sibum Unam First Ville in Dongtan
  • Implementation at 766 households at Joongang Heights in Wonju
  • Implementation at 726 households at Byuksan Blooming in Haman
  • Implementation at 360 households at Daewoo Ian in Sindangjin
  • Implementation at 552 households at Ssangyong Yega in Toegyewon
  • Implementation at 468 households at LH Humansia in Osong
  • Implementation at 672 households at Hyunjin Everville in Gwangju
  • Implementation at 268 households at Younghwa Blenheim in Jincheon
  • Image of an an apartment complex.
  • Image of an an apartment complex.
  • Image of an an apartment complex.
  • Image of an an apartment complex.